Photography and Color

So much of what we photograph depends on our eye for composition, our knowledge of the camera or phone art-factory-color-wheel that we are using and something inside that “pleases” our soul.

Color, subconsciously or not, plays a very important role in why we stop and take the shot. On the Daily Infographic newsletter,there was a  good analysis of color and emotions and what it says about us. “Color is one of the most powerful forms of non verbal communication.” This is all very informative but how can I take that to my photography.

Simple, ask yourself, why did I stop and shot that flower or that scene while I walked past others that were similar?

Give yourself a challenge and each week pick a color. Start with the primary colors, red, blue, yellow

Now combine the colors with their opposites or complementary colors. I found an excellent color wheel from the Art Factory.

red and green

Red and Green

blue and orange

Blue and orange

purple and yellow

Yellow  and purple

All of these can be found readily in nature. Walk around your yard. That is where I found these. Study artists in a museum, buy a book on birds and look at their coloring, buy flowers in the store, which ones did you pick up first? That is your color attraction talking.

If possible make your own color wheel from your photographs. It a perfect rainy day project , well not in Texas where we are experiencing no rain at the moment.

See you in class with your camera, phone and photographs for fun in the post processing arena.

Best new app for iPad -iColorama.

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