Honor the Years

Whhonor yearsat better way to honor the years than to self express through your photography and software skills. We recently had a layering class where a silhouette was darkened to almost black, then selected and cut out.

The cutout was saved as a new image with a file format of .png. That allowed the transparency behind her head to show through.

Next we took a busy paper that was stamped and had lettering on it and pasted it as new layer on top of the head.

Once the layer was positioned over the head and hair, erase or mask out certain portions of the letter paper so that we could still see her silhouette.

In the lower portion, we put a quote and cut the opacity to 65%. Honor the Years.

The clock came next, copy, paste as a new layer and cut the opacity. Position if necessary. layer2

Finally , a neutral background was found and placed behind the whole project. I can see this on a birthday card or a get well card.

If you like your photos to play with your creative side, join us for our Notecard class or our on 1 Plug-In Club .Topaz Plug-in NotecardsDIY Creativity with PhotosPhotoshop Elements Basics and Tack Sharp Photos. Follow the links as all of these classes are in August. See you soon.

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