What’s Happening in Class

Saturday was the hottest day this year..it was time to be out and about in Austin. .I think the news spread to Mayfield Park on Mt. Bonnell near Laguna Gloria. The male peacocks were at their finest trying to impress the females. A group of 6 students had a free meetup to help each other take better photos using composition, aperture settings and changing of the ISO. Also you can’t take photos if you don’t get up and get out.

Best take away was that the more we zoomed for a close up of the texture, the lower the light that was available. Changing our ISO to 400 did the trick for most of the cameras.02-shutter-apperture-iso-full

If you want to learn your camera better watch for our next meetup in June. Just come and share knowledge. peacock6 peacock texture 4

If you missed Julia with her Health Information for an iPhone she explained how an emergency call can be made from a locked screen, what is Smart 9-1-1, and how we can sync our information through a portal called Health Vault by Microsoft with our doctors and other providers. Very informative and we are most grateful for Julia as a first time volunteer instructor to spend some time with us. You will have another chance to learn about this in May when Julia does a more in-depth version for caregivers. Thursday May 21st at 1.


A little humor about our lives BEFORE social media.

Let us know if you are having problems with your cameras or smartphones. As always we are there for you when you need us for tutorials and help on your PC. Stay safe on the internet.

Favorite new app is Photo Viva. It can paint your photos or copy them with brush strokes. iris with photo viva

on1 software has a new upgrade to Perfect photo Suite 9.5

Lightroom also has a new upgrade to version 6.