What’s on your phone?

Screen-Shot-2014-09-05-at-11.30.39-AM-800x495Thank you to AGE of Central Texas for writing such a nice blog about our volunteer lab. Last week was volunteer appreciation week. So many to thank to keep the lab running and they did it very graciously.

We have so many classes at the lab that you can literally spend everyday there. The ones that are becoming the most popular are the ones that you use on a daily basis. If you are afraid to take a class, start with one of these. You have a phone and phones are with us all the time. Almost 46% of us over 65 have one according to Pew research. Instead of fighting the technology let’s put it to good use.

Coaches are always available and instruction is paced to your learning ability.

Recently Annette L., our iPad instructor complied an impressive list of gardening apps and games. A few of her favorites were:

Leafsnap – can be used on the iPad and iPhone. You can browse their list for plant leaves, take a picture and search, when you take a picture use a white piece of paper as your background. – Free

leafsnap likethat

Like That GardenFlower Identification – This app you can take a photo of any flower or plant, and get information regarding the plant.  Also the app will look at any current flowers or plants you have in your camera roll. I liked this one over the Leafsnap – Free

poppies w plugins

For my artistic photo apps  I like PicArts, Snapseed, Befunky and Pixlr Express. All are free. I try a few photos and if I don’t enjoy the experience, I delete the app. Never has creativity been so close to your fingertips.

Speaking of cameras, why not take a photo of your license plate on your car?  When we travel we need to know this information or if in an accident or stolen, it will really come in handy.

This Tuesday we are having Julia come for medical information on your phone in case of emergency room and doctor visits. Her class starts at 1. Please register first but we would live to have you come.

Did you know that you can get a Houston Library card as well as an Austin card to listen to audio books on your Kindle or iPad? The Gutenberg Project has 1000’s of free books for downloading.  Download “Overdrive” from your app store and follow the prompts to enter your library information. If interested in having a hands on class on this please let me know, director@agecomputer.org

See you in class.